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Department of Art & Music Histories

The Department of Art & Music Histories (formerly the Department of Fine Arts) is one of the oldest in the country dedicated to the study of the arts in an interdisciplinary context. The department was established in 1947 by William Fleming, whose landmark book, Arts and Ideas (Wadsworth Publishing, 1955), has served as the model for SU's approach to the arts in relation to their cultural, social, economic, and political contexts.

Art & Music Histories offers B.A. degrees in art history, music history & cultures, fine arts and history of architecture, as well as special B.A. options in art and in music. The department also offers two M.A. degrees in art history (Main Campus Individualized and Florence Italian Renaissance). The Janklow Arts Leadership Program offers an M.A. degree and a certificate in arts leadership administration. Students on the main campus also have the option of earning a concurrent M.A. degree in Museum Studies.   

Gary Radke Celebrates 35 Years
Renaissance art historian Gary Radke reflects on a storied career at Syracuse
Wayne Franits Recognized
Art History Professor Wayne Franits was recently awarded a Franklin Research Grant from the American Philosophical Society.
Ethnomusicologist Researches Salsa
The globalization and localization of salsa dancing is the subject of a new book by Sydney Hutchinson.
Schragis Faculty Fellow Article Published
Article authored by Deborah Justice uses two case studies to illustrate the growing influence of digital media on Sunday morning worship.
Art History Student Spotlight
Isaac Messina Named Syracuse University Scholar, awarded the Orlin Prize for best Honors Capstone Project